Frequently Asked Questions


Red Alert Housing (also known as RAH) is a unique platform which is carefully conceptualized, elegantly developed and designed by two brothers as a tool to promote safe living conditions for students around various colleges and universities across North America. Not only does the platform help students make wiser decisions through its collected housing experience database, but also provides a unique opportunity to landlords, property managements and others in order to publish their house advertisements in student space. Red Alert Housing redefines the property-tenant relationship in a fresh and accountable way. Read more . . .

Red Alert Housing collects housing reviews provided by students only. As a student, you will have the full access of RAH usages on free of cost. You can make your house advertisements, find sub-lease tenants and/or provide your reviews on non-living property such as house, apartments etc. This platform provide students the freedom of speech in term of explaining your housing experience in North America. However, non-student user has limited access towards RAH usage. This system is different from other available platforms in the sense that it is steered towards building a healthy relationship between students and landlords/property managements.

Any verified user (Student or Non-student) can access Red Alert Housing services. Students are subjected to have full services from RAH at free of cost however non-student user need to pay for advance services. A user can easily register his/her account in few steps, please choose your account type: Student or Non-student.

Red Alert Housing does provide it's services to landlords, property managements and colleges/universities. However, RAH is not partnered with any of them. This platform is designed for student's benefits. We help students to communicate with landlords and property managements in faster and more advanced way.

Red Alert Housing does not provide any personal recommendations towards advertisers or students. Users have to make their judgments based on reviews and are responsible for their decisions taken.

Red Alert Housing doesn't allow it's users to reviews living matter. Users (only students) are allowed to provide their reviews of the living property only (non-living things). For example: students can talk about the room condition, house cleaning issues, refunds or financial issue with the advertisers.

In non-student account type, limited services are provided such as posting advertisements, contact students etc. Only advertisements and few other informations related to the property such as house address, time of post etc. are visible to everyone. Non-student user has to pay certain amount of fee to post his/her house advertisement. On the other hand, in student type account, user will have full access to the database which include more broader details about the property as well as reviews collected by students only.

Red Alert Housing is dedicated towards providing it's free services to the students only. A non-student user can not have the level access compared to student user.

If such situation is identified then Red Alert Housing is allowed to take a legal action against non-student user. In addition to that non-student user profile will be accounted in our Red Alert List forever. If possible then RAH will expose all of his/her (non-student user) information in-front of all other students. All users should follow RAH privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Question Types

Account Issues

Any user who is willing to join RAH platform has to follow the registration procedure. A confirmation email will be sent to his/her registered university or other email account. Until or unless, user doesn't follow the registration steps, he/she can not access RAH various services.

RAH is currently requesting all it's users to check their junk mails as well. Because each university has different type of email filtering system, RAH is facing some verification issues. If you haven't received any account verification code from us then you can request another one. It is very important to choose your account type.

RAH accounts are valid for certain time periods only. Users (especially students) will be requested to verify their RAH accounts once a year. It is condition that users have to keep their account validation active in order to access RAH services. Users can request account verification email at any time.

Once a USER is in the system, then he/she can reset RAH password by clicking on profile option and then "Account Settings" option in drop-down menu bar.
User can also reset his/her RAH password from the home page. Type of account selection is critical here. If a user try to request the "Student Account" password in "Non-student" session, a failure will occur.

Red Alert Housing account time validation process is complex. Normally, user account will be activated for approximately a year. Later on, a new verification code will be sent to the user registered email address. In the failure of second verification process, user account will get blocked. Users can request account verification email at any time.

During the another verification process, if a user fail to verify his/her student account then his/her account will be blocked and after certain period, his/her account time will shift automatically to the non-student account type. A notification email will be send to the student registered email address before the account type is changed. It should be noted that RAH services are exclusively dedicated to students.

Privacy Issues

At Red Alert Housing, users can not not see each other profiles until or unless a request is accepted by both advertiser and interested tenant. Also, it's a choice of user whether he/she allow to publicize his/her name while providing reviews. RAH take student privacy very strictly. None of the informations are provided to their respected institutes.

RAH take it's user privacy very strictly. None of the student's informations are provided to their respected institutes. User personal information will be used to find his/her next house/apartment/living property search. Check our Privacy page.

Housing Issues

Red Alert Housing is introducing Legal framework for students that will resolve all these conflicts.

Red Alert Housing is introducing Legal framework for students that will resolve all these conflicts.

Red Alert Housing is introducing Legal framework for students that will resolve all these conflicts.

Red Alert Housing is introducing Legal framework for students that will resolve all these conflicts.

Red Alert Housing is introducing Legal framework for students that will resolve all these conflicts.

Red Alert Housing is introducing Legal framework for students that will resolve all these conflicts.


As RAH is expanding continuously, we would highly recommend our users to contact us regarding this issue. You can provide us your university details at contact us page.

RAH services include free (only for students) posting of house advertisements. A non-student account will have pay certain advertisement fee. Once the fee is accepted through RAH secure financial channel, a non-student user will be able to submit the advertisement. Furthermore, this advertisement will then be placed among student accounts so that students can easily choose his/her priority. Student house advertisements will be shared in between student groups only.