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Why Should I Sign Up?

Red Alert Housing is a review based platform where tenants share their housing experiences towards the renting property. These shared experiences help other tenants to make wiser decisions while signing a new lease with the potential landlords/property managements. In addition to this, tenants also reflect the power of media to get better housing facilities of the renting unit.

Landlord student relationship

Similarly, landlords generate the RAH performance index (also know as the rental score) for their tenants. This performance index helps other landlords to recruit their next potential tenants. To get the better housing reviews for the landlord and the better performance index for the tenant, both (the landlord and the tenant) have to treat each other in a respectable manner, thus establishing a perfect landlord-tenant relationship.
What Is The Definition Of Good?

  • A good landlord is the one who is active towards solving his/her tenant's rental issues quickly, treats the tenants equally and nicely, regularly asks if there are any problems with the renting unit, and helps the tenants in settling down during the early days of moving in.

  • A good tenant is the one who is honest and trustworthy, keeps the renting property clean, does not bother his/her neighbors, follows house rules like no smoking, no pets etc., pays the rent on time and maintains the property well.
Good tenant Good landlord
Bad tenant bad landlord
What Is The Definition Of Bad?

  • A bad landlord is the one who harasses or steals from his/her tenants, damages the tenant’s property, not active, treats the tenants poorly, never asks if there are any problems with the rental unit, and does not solve problems quickly.

  • A bad tenant is the one who steals from the landlord, damages the rental property, withholds the rent for no reason, makes a lot of noise and mess, annoying not only to the landlord but to the neighbors as well.

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