Terms & Conditions


By using Red Alert Housing, you agree not to hold us responsible any user related posts. Due to the nature of the website, being a platform that operates on other users stuff, we can’t guarantee the legitimacy of posting by other users. That being said, we don’t take any liability whether the reviews provided by the users are 100 % accurate or not.

This include but is not limited to, quality and safety i.e. we do not guarantee a house owner behavior in future i.e. we don’t take any responsibility if the owner has changed his/her mind set for new tenants after a certain time. Users will be responsible for making their decisions based on the data posted at our platform.

The purpose of this platform is to open up user opinions about their "Good or Bad Housing" experience in their locality. Red Alert Housing doesn’t provide or uphold any warranty including to those previously stated of quality and safety. We are not liable of any sort of loss experienced due to the use of Red Alert Housing database.


While using Red Alert Housing, you will abide by our terms of use and will not:

  1. Violate any laws or our prohibited content policy.
  2. Post in an inappropriate category or area within the site.
  3. Post items or information that is stolen or counterfeit.
  4. Post or distribute Spam, chain letters, or pyramid schemes.
  5. Hack or bypassing Red Alert Housing or anything of that nature.
  6. Infringe on third party rights, rights to privacy or other proprietary rights.
  7. Post information or anything related, that is misleading, false, inaccurate, unlawful, or would be considered within that nature.
  8. Post comments or items that deal with profanity, racism, disrespect, abuse of another, or anything that fall within such a category of harassment and insult.
  9. Distribute anything that may harm Red Alert Housing or the interests or property of Red Alert Housing users such as the distribution of virus or any other technology. Also the use of any equipment to access Red Alert Housing and collect content.
  10. Copy, modify, or distribute any other person’s content. Also the harvesting and collection of information about others without consent.
  11. Users have to be truthful about their reviews. Foul information’s may lead for undertaking legal action e.g. Information can be a type of false student identification.
  12. Users will be all responsible for submitting their individual reviews about the property they have been exposed to or lived at.
  13. Once the review is submitted on the site, user will have 24 hours countdown to edit the post in chase user changes his/her mind about the property. After (24 hours) that edit button will disappear permanently.
  14. User has to request on “Contact Us” page if he/she wants to delete his/her post after automatic countdown shut off.
  15. Once user account is generated, it will be validated once again after every three years.


Sharing user account information (strictly student email ID and password) in between students and/or with landlord will again put the user in company legal sections. Detailed information about privacy can be found here.


By using Red Alert Housing, you agree not to copy, modify in any way or distribute our copyrights or trademarks. Content given to us by you, automatically gives us the right to exercise the copyright, publicity and database rights to that content by you. If you face any content related problems, you can notify us at Contact page.

Services and fees

Red Alert Housing is an online platform that allows communication in between students, landlords, and students/landlords. The use of Red Alert Housing is free of charge and so is membership to the site. However there are a few exceptions, such as premium services, special listings or advertisement space among other things. You will however be notified and given the chance to review and accept/decline the charges.

Everything payment information on Red Alert Housing is listed under Canadian dollar. Similar to the privacy policy, we will notify you of any changes to our fee policy. Our fees are nonrefundable and failure to pay them when they are due will result in a restriction to use our site as well as further use of collection methods.