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What Is Red Alert Housing?

Red Alert Housing is a unique platform invented, carefully conceptualized, elegantly developed and designed as a tool to promote safe living conditions for the tenants around various colleges and universities across North America.
What is Red Alert Housing
What Do We Offer?

Housing reviews
Housing experience

Only students can share their housing experiences. These reviews will be visible to everyone with certain restrictions.

house advertisements

Users are allowed to post their house advertisements in RAH database. However this service is free to students only.

housing communications
Fast response

We provide safer, better and faster communication between an advertiser and a tenant.

Why Should I Sign Up?

Red Alert Housing is the platform where the landlord get reviewed by the tenant. The review process empowers the tenant to stand up for his rights in order to get better housing facilities. Vice versa, the tenant develops his rental score by the landlord. This rental score is further utilized by the other landlords while recruiting their next tenants. RAH redefines the landlord-tenant relationship in a fresh and accountable way. Read more.
Landlord student relationship
What Our Users Say?
Sign Up Now!

Red Alert Housing carefully separates the type of registration process. Student (tenant) registration requires a valid university email ID which further allows to review a house whereas, a landlord can create the rental score for his tenants through the non-student account registration. Sign up today and start participating in the development of a safer housing community. You can check our university coverages.